Everyone enjoys the soft crackle of a hardwood fire and warmth that leaps from a fireplace on a cold December day, but few homeowners realize the importance of cleaning their chimneys. Every chimney requires regular maintenance. Something as simple as a bird’s nest blocking a gas-fired furnace flue is as dangerous as a highly flammable creosote deposits produced by a wood burning stove or fireplace.

Every time you use your fireplace or stove, the burning wood deposits a thin layer of flammable creosote inside the chimney flue. If left unattended, these creosote deposits can accumulate to dangerous levels and erupt into flame without warning. The consequences can range from an unexpected chimney repair bill to a deadly house fire.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that 23,600 residential fires in 1996 were were related to solid fuel appliances and heating equipment, such as furnaces, fireplaces and stoves. While creosote build-up causes most chimney fires, every chimney can pose danger to your home. Bird and animal nests, or even fallen leaves can block a chimney and direct deadly carbon monoxide from the furnace back into your home. In 1996, over 100 people died in their homes from carbon monoxide poisoning. Another 5,500 house fires resulted from chimneys and chimney connectors serving heating systems burning liquid and other fuels.

1. Meticulous, No Short-Cut Cleaning We clean the entire chimney, including tough-to-clean areas like the smoke chamber and smoke shelf that many sweeps neglect.
2. We Clean Any Chimney: You’ll receive prompt, professional service (even during the busy Fall-Winter Season) for any type of chimney. We gladly tackle even the really tough jobs like huge walk-in fireplaces and heavy fireplace inserts.
3. Dust Free Hepa Cleaning: Our state-of-the-art Rovac System vacuums employ dual filters that deliver true HEPA filtration to keep soot off your floors and furniture.
4. Fai and Reasonable Pricing: We don’t base our price on the size of your home or the neighborhood where you live. Our free quotes totally reflect the type of chimney you have and the time it will take us to make sure your chimney is clean and safe.
5. Trustworthy Repair Recommendations: You can be totally confident that any chimney problems we identify are real problems and not an attempt to sell you an expensive repair that isn’t needed.
6. Experienced Owner Operated Service
7. We Don’t Just Sweep Chimneys:

Our company’s mission is to give our customers the peace of mind that comes from having a clean chimney. Yet after you experience our exceptional service, we think you’ll agree that Chadds Ford Chimney Sweeps stands more than a cut above the rest.

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