A traditional cast iron fireplace damper (often referred to as “the flue” by many homeowners) fails to prevent heated air from escaping your home because the rough, textured cast iron damper and frame do not fit tightly together.

A recent study found that even a new cast iron chimney damper leaks as much as $200 worth of energy cost per year. Imagine the energy cost that is lost by the worn and rusted damper in a typical home!

We offer two brands of energy-saving or top-mounted dampers: Lyemance (shown at the right) and Lock-Top. Both brands are designed and constructed to reduce energy loss and serve other important functions:

• The silicone rubber gasket seals tightly like a storm door for your fireplace, and keeps heating and cooling dollars where they should be, in your home.
• They mount to the top of your chimney to keep out animals and rain.
• They operate with just a simple tug of a cable mounted on the side of your fireplace.

An energy-saving damper will even prevent stinkbugs from entering your home through the chimney!

Controlling stink bugs is a key side benefit these dampers provide. During the past 3-years, our area has been inundated with stink bugs, and chimneys are a prime avenue for the entry of these creatures into the home. A top-mounted damper’s tight fitting silicone rubber gasket is the only viable method for keeping stink bugs from entering a chimney.

If you’re fed up with stink bugs invading your home via your fireplace, call us at 610-388-1316 to schedule installation of an energy-saving damper!